IHAA Fall Conference


Fall Conference

November 7, 2020

 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

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  8:00              Introduction & Trivia (Sponsored by Captell)


  8:15              Supporting Hearing Health and Overall Wellbeing Through ConnectivityLuis Camacho, Au.D,

                        Senior Education and Training Audiologist at Starkey


  9:15              Trivia (Sponsored by Captell)


  9:20              Precautions, Preventions and Preparedness; Minimizing the Risk of Infection in the Hearing   

                        Care Workplace Luis Camacho, Au.D, Senior Education and Training Audiologist at Starkey


10:20              Trivia (Sponsored by Captell) & Break


10:30              Tinnitus Management Is MeasurableDana Helmink, Au.D, Clinical Product Specialist with



11:30              Trivia (Sponsored by Captell)


11:35              Protocols for Submitting Applications for Caption Phones, Hansen Phangia, BC-HIS, Sr. Director  

                        of National Accounts – Caption Call


12:35              Lunch & Trivia (Sponsored by Captell)


  1:05              IHS Updates and Current Concerns ProfessionSusan Waite, BC-HIS, Territorial Governor


  2:05              Trivia (Sponsored by Captell)


  2:10              Using Blended Hearing Care to Improve Hearing Aid Outcome Over the Long Hall, Brian Taylor,  

                        Au.D, Director of Scientific and Product Marketing with Sigma


  3:10              Break & Trivia (Sponsored by Captell)


  3:20              Possible Relationship Between Hearing and Cognition, Can We Intervene with Amplification,

                        Doug Beck, Director of Academic Sciences at Oticon


  4:20              Trivia (Sponsored by Captell)


  4:25              Motivational Interviewing, Nikolas Klakow, Au.D, Clinical Trainer for Phonak


  5:25               Trivia (Sponsored by Captell), Q & A, End Conference