IHAA Fall Conference


IHAA Fall Conference

November 12-13, 2021

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Friday, November 12 – Hendricks County Fair Grounds, Danville, Indiana

7:30am         Registration

8:00              Cerumen Management for Dispensing Professionals, Max Chartrand, Ph.D.,BC-HIS, CSP
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10:00            Break


10:15           Class resumes


12:15pm     Lunch Break / Booths open - Lunch will be catered and is sponsored.


1:15             Class resumes


3:15             Break and Booths open


3:45             Class resumes


5:45             Class ends


Evening Events will be at the Holiday Inn in Plainfield

7:00pm        Fun & Games Night – We will also have an informal Panel discussion of the History of Hearing aid profession by Allen Reese, Max Chartrand, Duane Wass and anyone who would like to participate.

Saturday, November 13 - Hendricks County Fair Grounds, Danville, Indiana

7:30am        Registration


8:00              Hearing Health with Diabetes Mellitus, Max Chartrand Ph.D., BC-HIS, CSP


10:00            Break


10:30            Verification & Validation of the Hearing Aid Fitting, Luis Camacho, Au.D., Manager of Education & Training | Starkey


11:30             Booths


11:45             Lunch Break – Lunch will be catered in and sponsored

12:00pm       IHAA Fall Meeting

1:00               Ethics & Professionalism, Max Chartrand, Ph.D., BC-HIS, CSP

3:00               Break and Booths

3:30              Widex -????

4:30              Conference Closing and Attendance Drawing      

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